Day 10, July 16

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A little food for thought when putting together your Presentation for Monday!!

Day 9 Reflection
Search iTunes U and find 3 educational podcasts that interest you. Write a reflection about EACH. Make sure you:

  1. the EXACT tile of the Podcast
  2. the episode episode title
  3. a little information about the Podcast Author
  4. a link to the podcast
  5. a link to the authors website
  6. why you selected it and what you learned and how you could use in your own teaching someday.
Title: Day 9 Podcast Reflection from iTunes: (Title of Podcast)
Title: Day 9 Podcast Reflection from iTunes: (Title of Podcast)
Title: Day 9 Podcast Reflection from iTunes: (Title of Podcast)

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Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day……For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL has a link to Brad Patterson Blog Challenge: Compare and Contrast photo assignment.

Screen Shot 2012-07-13 at 8.56.10 AM.png“Brad Patterson has begun a “Blog Challenge: compare and contrast photo” inviting bloggers to share two somewhat similar photos that students can “compare and contrast.” It’s a great idea, and you can find a list of links on Brad’s blog of teachers who have taken up that challenge and posted their own two similar photos. It’s a treasure trove!

Blog challenge: compare and contrast photo

Posted on September 27, 2011 by Brad

Been awhile since I’ve seen any blog challenges…
Anne Hodgson posted a quick pic post yesterday and its humor got the ball rolling on a fun idea. We sent a few tweets back and forth and decided to challenge you to choose two photos to “compare and contrast” something similar but different.

Can’t wait to see how creative the PLN is on this one.

I took a few minutes and looked backed over my photos and fell on two I felt like sharing. Here’s my great great grandfather and below is me on my
53 vespa with which I sputtered all around LA in 2005.


1) What is similar about their outfits ?

2) If you asked them “what are you about to do”, what would they answer ?
Check out the examples on Brads site that others posted:

Now check this out
A picture is worth a thousand thoughts: inquiry with Bloom's taxonomy

Explore the Brad’s Blog Challenge: compare and contrast photo completely. Then check out Larry’s The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons. And don’t skip the Comments and the examples others teachers have added.It will give you ideas for your project.

For your reflection, what did you discover? Which of these could you use in your classroom.
AND create one of these photo type assignments yourself and add it to your reflection.
On your site, for example, Create your own compare/contrast photo challenge.

TITLE: Using Photos in the classroom Compare/Contrast Challenge

Using iPhoto

iPhoto Tutorials

Learn iPhoto 11'

Find Out How iPhoto

Mystery Word Slideshow

In 45 minutes, yes 45 minutes

  1. Your team of 2-3 will draw a word from the bucket, keep it a secret, only you and your team will know the word.
  2. Your team should take (cameras available in the catalyst, or use the iSight camera and Photobooth.
  3. Find not less than 15-20 images. Of course, you may use more than 15-20 images to create a slideshow with your mystery word. You have 45 minutes!
  4. Put your photos into iPhoto and organize them into an album.
  5. You are “telling a story,” more or less.
  6. Don’t tell us the word, we will try to figure it out based on the images in your show, be creative, think outside the box.
  7. Don’t be to obvious!
  8. Be creative
  9. Choose a theme to use in iPhoto.
  10. Choose a song from the theme songs or one from this FREE site, Soundzabound for finding music and sounds for schools. Soundzabound Tutorial
  11. logo.jpg
  12. Make a simple slide show. You have 15 minutes.
  13. Each group will show their slide show in class and we will try to “guess” the word. This should be FUN!
  14. Make sure you add your slideshow to your website as a movie. HINT: Sometimes it is easier to add a movie to WP by uploading the movie to your YOUTUBE account and getting the embed code from there.
  15. And of course, write a reflection/response about using iPhotos in your classroom to help you teach a concept or whatever and give not less than 2 ideas of how you could use images and tools like iPhoto or something similar like PhotoStory for Windows in your classroom. This should be located in the same post as the photo slideshow movie.
  16. Adding your Mystery Word Slide show to your website, File > Export > Medium, then that the exported movie, upload to YouTube, grab the embed code and add your your site.
  17. Title this project: Mystery Word Slideshow using iPhoto

Each team will share their slideshow in class

Website Checklist:

This is the checklist we will use in class on Monday to PEER Critique. You will receive 25 points for doing each critique. You will critique two websites