Day 4, July 6

Guest Lecture: Kim Herron, Inman Schools USD 448

Herron's Happenings

Links you will need today:

Links to Ancient Civilization Resources

The Assignment: To finish up from class on Friday, complete the reflection Kim requested, Reflections @
Take that same information, copy and paste in into a reflection on your website. Title that Reflection: Astonishing America with Kim Herron, Day 4. If you include the project, link to the project or screen capture, there are extra credit points possible.

If you were Absent quite a few were....The alternative Assignment is

There are over 40 sessions to choose from.

A few I suggest are:

  1. George Couros Playing in Public

  2. Kim Cofino and Chrissy Hellyer Hardware is Not Enough: The Teacher-Facilitator Partnership

  3. David Truss Transforming Education

  4. Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay Lead the World

  5. David Jakes What if the story changed?

  6. Jennifer Wagner The Power of Projects

  7. Scott Meech iCreate vs. iConsumption

DO NOT limit yourself to my suggestions.

Choose 5 to make up for the in-class activity and write a reflect about each as a separate post.

Title: K12 Online and the title of the presentation

If you OWN an iPad, please bring with you to class on Monday, I will have a cart of 30 iPads, hopefully with those and the ones owned by class members we will have enough so we don't have to share.

Screen Shot 2012-07-07 at 12.52.12 PM.pngI know the Inforgraphic assignment was earlier in the week, but just discovered this resource about infographics and has some excellent examples, so though I should share.