Day 2, July 3

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external image pinterest.jpg

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37 Ways Teachers Should Use Pinterest

There are a lot of great technology tools out there for teachers that can make it easier to connect with other educators, get ideas for classroom activities, and find inspiration. One of the newest and best of these online tools is Pinterest, which has quickly become a favorite among educators. Using online “pinboards” teachers can save everything from photos to blog posts in one easily accessible and usable place.
Educators who are curious about Pinterest should sign up for an invitation today (it’s still invite only, but it doesn’t take long to get an invitation) and start creating their own amazing collections of pins. Not sure where to start? Check out some of these great ideas on how teachers can use Pinterest.
No assignment, Just read this article!!

Getting Started with WordPress: Now that you have your web space, lets get some decisions made and a little content added. We will work through this step-by-step in class.

1. Choose your Theme, remember you can change your mind later and as many times as you want. But eventually, you need to choose a theme and stick with it.

2. There are a few themes that are a bit funky and don't work properly, I will let you know if if you choose one of those.

3. Add your first post to your WP website on the About Me Page, see PDF below (Getting StartedWP Post) with step-by-step instructions..

4. Your first post will be About You, an introduction to who you are and it will be added to the About Me Page along with an appropriate photo of yourself.

5. The good news is............ once you learn to do this, you will know how to do 75% of what you will be doing over and over. again on your WP website.

Getting StartedWP Post

6. Now lets add your 2 fun with text projects and your two reflections.

Day 2 Reflection Assignment

Day 2 Reflection

2. Making and Using Infographics in the Classroom

Learning and Leading - February 2012

InfoGraphic Assignment Details

Website Checklist: